Premium glitter pancake cat necklace


A mini version of our pancake cat necklace lovingly designed by Alfie de Meow! The charms are lasercut and finished with a short-length (45cm) gold/rhodium-tone chain.

Choose from 3 different premium acrylic patterns.

Confetti and Peacock hearts cat necklace ---> Rhodium-tone chain
Kaleidoscope cat necklace ---> Gold-tone chain

Due to the way the cats are cut from a larger sheet of acrylic, the amount and position of confetti / flakes / hearts in every cat will differ slightly.

Comes with a cute cotton drawstring bag to store and protect your cat necklace.
Cat charm size: Approx 2cm x 2.2cm H x 0.3cm thick
Chain length: 45 cm
Ready to ship in 3-5 business days.