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Alfie de Meow is a cats-only jewellery label inspired by a family-rescued calico named Alfie.


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We aim to help cats that need our love and attention by donating 10% of our revenue to cat welfare group(s) based in Singapore.


Read more about who we support and what we do here.

The Alfie Story

Alfie drain cat_effected

Alfie bravely survived a 1 week ordeal of being trapped in a dark, wet, drain, ‘neath a residence when she was barely 2 weeks old. She lived on dry food dropped into the drain by the family while they called for rescuers to hoist the manhole, which also involved chopping down a tree that was built on top of the manhole.

diggin for mews_effected

The twist in the story is that, after chopping down the tree and opening up the manhole in the front yard, Alfie was nowhere to be found. Then, 1 day later, there were mews coming from the backyard of the residence.

The family opened up the backyard drain (which was easily accessible), and there, a petite calico face popped up! She was immediately scooped up from the drain with a hand net. Though the family had lost a tree in their efforts to rescue Alfie, they have gained an additional family member. :) What a meowtiful blessing indeed!

hungry meowster_effected